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Big Sue - Fabric

Product Ref: 100030-100001

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    1 3 £99
    4 10 £69
    11 30 £59
    31 50 £49
    50 999 £39


    Width: 137 cm
    Length: 1 metres
    Repeat:  30
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    Design Description

    Stunningly scaled chevron. We print our fabrics in the colours you specify on a choice of natural base cloths Cottons Sateens Linens Silks. We can also change the design scale. Can we make things simpler for you? Design online. Please answer the following questions by email. Which room are you doing? Period or Style? Colours? Plainish Large or Small Motif? Approximate Quantity? Looking for Wallpaper Fabric or Curtains made up? Do you have a Budget? Thankyou we will be in touch.

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